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FileProt Documentation
FileProt allows you to offer a file for download
without revealing the files actual URL.

? User can download files without the actual URL being revealed.
? Script will only allow the file to be downloaded from approved sites.

The fileprot.cgi file contains several variables that will
need editing before the script will run on your server.

$datadir = "/home/user/html/fileprot/data";
This will be the path where FileProtís data files will be stored.

$scripturl = "http://www.yourdomain.com/fileprot/fileprot.cgi";
The URL to access the fileprot.cgi file on your server.

$siteurl = "http://www.yourdomain.com";
The main URL of your site.

$sitename = "PerlCoders Group";
Enter the title of your site.

$adminpass = "pass";
This password will be needed to access the administration area.

$logging = "y";
If this option is set to "y" any failed login attempts will be
logged to a text file.

$redir_url = "";
You can enter a URL here and any unauthorised attempts will be
redirected to it.

1. Create a directory for the script on your server, which must have CGI access.
2. Upload all files in ASCII mode.
3. CHMOD .CGI files to 755.
4. CHMOD all files in the data directory to 666.

To run the script, open fileprot.cgi in your web-browser, and enter the
administrator password you specified in the script settings.

Allowed Sites
This box contains the URLs of sites you with to allow access to files
protected by the script, any website not in this list will be denied
access and redirected to $redir_url. To add sites to this list use one
of the following methods.

Add "site1.com". This means that any file/directory on site1.com
will have access to the files.

Add "site2.com/protected". This means that only files/sub-directories
in site2.com/protected will have access, and site2.com/some.html will not.

Add "!http://www.site3.com/some.html". This means that ONLY
http://www.site3.com/some.html will have access, and no other
file on that server.

Protected Files
All files that FileProt will be protecting must be listed here.
To add to this list use the following method.

Add lines in the format "filename|http://yourdomain.com/directory/file.zip".
The "filename" parameter allows you to name the file so that it can easily
be called by hitting fileprot.cgi?filename. The second part of each line
is the full URL to the file to be downloaded.

The filename and URL MUST be separated by the pipe symbol ( | , Shift \).

Linking to the Script
For users to be able to download the files listed above they must use the
filename parameter appended to the end of the script URL as follows.


This can be made into a link as follows.

<a href="http://yourdomain.com/fileprot.cgi?filename">
Click Here to download filename</a>




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