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WebDNS is a script that offers the bigtime WebDNS services perfect for people hosting domains. It offers expandability and everything you need in a DNS package.

DNS is the system by which IPs resolve to names and vice versa. Many ISPs and Shell Providers offer this as a service to their users, and incresingly separate companies are setting up to offer the same facilities.

WebDNS not only offers a system for the user to enter their zone data but offeres many separate options all through a central login system. Each user can have multiple domains and choose to Erase/Modify/Transfer (deletion of the domain from local database, change the zone data or which DNS we host, or transfer control of it to another user on the local system).

Domains can be hsoted as Primary, Secondary, or both. There are 3 .pl scripts included which will be run on your name servers (or only 1 if need be) to make each server do something unique (e.g. NS1.* offers Primary & both suppport while NS2.* secondary and both, or NS1, 2 and 3 all offer all 3). Users can change support from Pri->Sec->Both and back again in any order they like.

The script includes error checking and accounts cannot be used without a valid email address (a password is mailed to it to logon). Security is ensured by server-side cookies with IP restrictions and idle timeouts.

The script contains access to the whois databases and could even have a local database search in a similar form if you chose to create such an addon. The database itself is coded in MySQL so capable of many thousands of domains, it only dpeends on your hardware specification.

If you want the ultimate DNS hosting script with web interface totally based on templates then this is the one
Regular price: $400.00
Members price: free

-Unix based server. (Linux, Freebsd, BSDI, etc.)
-Ability to run CGI programs.
-Understanding of CGI Installation. (we can install for you)
-Ability to Edit simple HTML files

Regular price: $400.00
Members price: free


Proud suppliers of perl cgi and php applications created from the webmasters point of view. PerlCoders supplies top quality CGI scripts at membership warehouse prices every day. This is the only webmaster resource you need to build traffic and add interactive content to any website.

Need custom programming or website development? We do it all. Just use our contact form and let us know what you need.

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PerlCoders.com has been in business for several years. Our staff is made up of professionals who are dedicated to making your business succeed. We offer top quality scripts and 24 hour support!

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