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PerlCoders [ Customer Testimonials ]

We are not going to lie to you and say we service this big NFL site or this big music band site or any of that crap. If you email the webmasters listed in testimonials from a certain other place, you will find out that is often the case. We provide the customers own words, as well as their email address and website URL for you to verify the info below. Want to add your own testimonial?


These guys are always willing to help you out in a jam. Very friendly, courteous and competent. Dr. Peter Favaro angerclass.com


I wouldn't be where I am without the assistance of perlcoders.com, plain and simple. Great traffic generating tools and the crew is always ready to help you out with any install and maintance questions. GREAT site!!


Shoot what can I say? I needed a authorize.net shopping cart script that was easily customizable and seemlessy integrating it into my site. I purchased a membership knowing if I got 2 scripts I would have got my moneys worth, howevert it didn't stop there! PerlCoders not only intstalled it, customized it and did all the dirty work. I didnt have to wait for days for a retared tech reply only to play email tag for days! Live support, Fast results! They by far have the best customer support of any script site i have purchased from. I will continue to use perlcoders whenever possible in the future!


I came to perlcoders.com looking for a custom job, and that's exactly what I got and then some. I needed a top of the line script to manage my traffic sales program, and perlcoders.com delivered more than that and fast. Even after the sale, with all of my little add-on's I thought of, and the buggies that go along with them, the support and skill was phenomenal. Perlcoders.com has gone the extra mile for me. Top level support, these guys will have always have my coding business.


Anyone who has been in this game long enough has figured out WHAT to do to make money. The problem is - how to do it in HUGE numbers - and on a hands on, one by one basis, that's a tough nut to crack. Perlcoders scripts are the answer - the things you can automate can increase your ability to do those things you know work, in MASS quantities - and automate it, too! Every script we've used works as stated, and just 3 of those scripts have enabled us to create an expansion plan that would get more done in the next 2 months than we've accomplished in the last 3 years.


You guys are the greatest! You have the best collection of scripts Ive found. If I could possibly need it, I know I'll find it here. Also, the support is awesome and instant! You guys are #1 in my book! Thanks.


Perlcoders scripts absolutely without a doubt give our sites the kick they need to generate mass traffic, handle all kinds of tasks and generate more profits than would even be remotely possible if we had to do everything manually. We own over 400 domains and would never be able to keep up with day to day tasks if it weren't for the reliable service, support and top notch scripts that we get from Perlcoders.com. Recently Perlcoders released AVS Maker Pro and we use it on 200 of our domains. I can't believe the impact it has had on our daily traffic and sales totals. That script is a godsend. AVS Maker Pro has streamlined the entire process of creating, submitting, pushing mass traffic into your own unique AVS sites and ultimately garnering huge profits. I am so impressed with various areas of AVS Maker Pro. It is very easy to get your first few sites up and running very quickly. The user documentation is very helpful and concise. In fact the first AVS site that I generated and submitted to cyberage.com was accepted immediately and I have never built an AVS site in my life prior to buying the AVS Maker Pro script. Our monthly revenue went up by 40% after only one week of using the script.


Just want everyone to know that the AVS maker script is the best money I have ever spent! I spent 1 1/2 years making a thousand webpages for AgeCheck.com. It works great but VERY time consuming and tedious! Well now I have had over 100 websites added to AgeCheck in the last week and I have done nothing but set up the script once! This script will make more pages in 1 1/2 months than I made in 1 1/2 years! (AND I AM DOING NOTHING!!!) I just sit back and watch the $$$ roll in!!!


About four years ago was when I heavily started my websites, design, promotion, etc. I have dealt with numerous companies and numerous webmasters both adult and non-adult. Pearl Coders is by far the most professional and courteous company I have dealt with yet. I searched the web for months for a script to randomize my thumbs on my advertising sites and the cheapest I found was $300. And the script didn't even do what I wanted it to. I found Perl Coders :) $50 plus they installed the script the first time to give me my configuration layout. They have even helped after I bought it. I ran into a few problems with configuration and they were right there. That is what I call customer service. Remember those companies where you would call or email and in 48 hours someone would get back to you. Not here. You get prompt and honest service. You can't find a better company that advertises actual products - THAT WORK! Look no further webmasters You have found the perfect cgi resource. Perl Coders As Always "Thank you!"


the website has lot of useful scripts.


Impressive! I purchased the perlcoders membership and not only was the scripts worth the money, but you cant beat their customer support! I have bothered them practically everyday for help and within minutes they had the script i was installing working and making me money. I wish my parents would treat me this good.


Perlcoders.com is the Swiss Army Knife of Internet survival. Having a membership is your first step to success in the Internet business. With Perlcoders.com, it's impossible to fail.


I purchased and excellent script at a super price and to top it off "nuclei" of the perlcoder staff was excellent assistance in helping me get the most out of my script.


I've bought and used scripts from perlcoders for over a year now. They have all made me $$ and made life as a webmaster much easier. No BS. They're a busy bunch but are always around for tech support when needed. But hey, I'm not gonna try to blow smoke up yer tail to buy anything cuz really I don't need or want the competition LOL!


I recommend perlcoders to anyone. They have worked with me time and time again on a few projects and were able to complete them in a timely manner and a fair price. I continue to use their services as their work is second to noone.


I was looking for a customized script for my website, a friend had told me about PerlCoders. I had originally thought I would have to wait a month like these other custom CGI script joints, but not with PerlCoders. Not only did I receive the script promptly, they helped me every step of the way. I had bought a membership to them, it was well worth it. I run several websites requiring a lot of interactive functions, and PerlCoders was always there when I needed a special script.


great people and incredible programmers!!!


I wanted to thank you and all of the staff at perlcoders.com for the outstanding service and great products. I am new to the world of scripting and perlcoders.com has made my learning process very easy. With your online support chat room, quick responses to technical issues, and very knowledgeable and friendly staff, it makes any scripting process a snap. Keep up the great work! I will always be coming back. Thanks Again Erik Hatch Sandwich, Illinois


Ive bought a couple scripts from Perl Coders, and not only was the installation FREE, they did it faster than a speeding bullet!


this site ROCKS

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