Kentucky based TubiRon Inc. has acquired PerlCoders.com and PHPLabs.com. Please check back for updates as we prepare for a relaunch.

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PerlCoders Tip of the Day

Looking for some Perl tips? Look no further than our Perl Tip of the Day mailing list! Each day, we send out a useful tidbit of information about Perl, with subjects ranging from output formatting to database interaction and everything in between. Some of our tips will show you how to optimize your code, some will show you how to save time, and some will give examples of using particular functions.

Whether you're a beginner or a neck-bearded veteran, you're bound to learn something by signing up. All subscriptions to Perl Tip of the Day are confirmed opt-in and must be verified before you will receive any mail from the list. Sign up today!

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PerlCoders.com has been in business for several years. Our staff is made up of professionals who are dedicated to making your business succeed. We offer top quality scripts and 24 hour support!

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